Learn to manage energy with Relaxx App and start high energy living

Higher the energy more peaceful you are

Some people are always happy and peaceful; they don’t get stressed and they don’t burnout.  What’s the secret?  While we try to reduce stress, prevent burnout, manage peace, happiness and success,  they, instead manage the energy body.  Higher the energy, more peaceful you are and lower the energy more irritable you are.  Start your high energy living with Relaxx App.  Peace, happiness and success will follow.

Ride the inner wave of energy

Relaxx App is your portable companion for peace, happiness and success

Relaxx is an advanced meditation app that guides people through the practice of mindfulness, intermittent silence, and meditation.  The Relaxx app encourages people to practice daily, preferably at the same time and in the same location. The goal is to train the brain to enter a peaceful state, so times of chaos become more manageable. in silence.

86 billion neurons of your brain will thank you. watch the video to see how

Learn the art of swimming in silence.

 Ten-minute daily practice of intermittent silence helps deepen and grow silence,

What can one expect from this portable relaxation experience? Beginners can start with a daily intermittent silence routine and then move on to various guided and unguided meditation techniques. Intermittent silence™ is a term Dr. Bhatta uses to represent taking a break from life. He compares the experience to resting your body by sitting down and lowering your heart rate. The same type of concept is crucial for the brain.