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Established in 2020

The Relaxx app provides guided and unguided meditation routines you need to turn off your brain and escape the world for a few minutes every day. The app aims to create an individualized experience where users can learn the art of intermittent silence.  While this action might not seem significant at first, you will begin to notice a difference in the way you see the world and how others see you.

Knowing the need for meditation strategies was still present, Dr. Bhatta launched a series of extremely popular online workshops. Despite their success, Dr. Bhatta felt an apparent disconnect, so he began researching meditation apps. Dr. Bhatta discovered all the current apps on the market lacked a depth he felt was the key to the process. This lead to the creation of the Relaxx app.

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To create the most compelling universally available wellness content.


To become the world’s destination for mindfulness, Intermittent silence™, meditation and Consciousness.


  • People’s wellness comes first
  • Cultivate High Energy habits
  • Create the best you