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Introduction with Dan & Dr. K - February 10, 2021

Some people are always happy and peaceful; they don’t get stressed and they don’t burnout. What’s the secret? While we try to reduce stress, prevent burnout, manage peace, happiness and success, they, instead manage the energy body. Higher the energy, more peaceful you are, and lower the energy more irritable you are. Start your high-energy living with Relaxx App. Peace, happiness, and success will follow.

Sherianna Boyle is an international, Emotional Detox Coach®, author of nine books, including her most recent Emotional Detox Now: 135 Practices to Renew Your Mind, Heart & Spirit (releases Oct 2021), Emotional Detox and Emotional Detox for Anxiety.  More details

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Dr. Sailesh Rao has over three decades of professional experience and is the Founder and Executive Director of Climate Healers, a non-profit dedicated to healing the Earth’s climate. A systems specialist with a Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.  More details

George Manning, Professor of Psychology and Business at Northern Kentucky University, is internationally known as a speaker, author of eleven books, and consultant to business, industry and government. More detail

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My life story took me on this journey. I became an expert in education, knowledge management and leadership. As a teacher, university lecturer, trainer, adult educator and executive in international educational institutions, I have always been and continue to be committed to helping each person realize their uniqueness and bring it to the world. I worked internationally and I see education and personal development as the vehicle for real change. More details

Anadi Martel is a physicist and electronics designer, who has acted as a consultant for IMAX, Cirque du Soleil, and the Metropolitan Opera of New York. For more than 30 years he has researched the therapeutic properties of light and the interaction between technology and consciousness, leading to the creation of the Sensora multisensorial system. His sound spatialization devices have been used around the world, including by NASA. He serves as President of the International Light Association (ILA) and lives in Quebec. More details

What does Steve do?

He teaches individuals & organization to ‘SEE’ their goals, then construct an Action Plan to achieve them.

How does he do this?
By digging deep to help you to discover exactly WHAT you want, determine your WHY, then connect to as many of your senses as possible to build a stronger foundation for you to build upon.

Very Important: WHY does he do this?
Nearly 30 years ago a friend believed in Steve, long before he believed in himself. That ‘moment’ proved to be the catalyst for Steve blowing past his self-limiting beliefs and finding fulfillment and success. More details

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