Relaxx together

The Relaxx Team

I'm the Creator of the App and Chairman of the company

Krishna Bhatta MD FRCS

Krishna Bhatta is a urologist, author, and inventor, currently working as chief of urology at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine. Dr. Bhatta is also an expert in intermittent silence, meditation and Gita. He has authored several publications and patents along with his book Journey from life to life: Achieving Higher Purpose.

I'm the Technical Head at Relaxx!!!

Sridhar Bhupatiraju

Sid has been a Serial Entrepreneur & Investor after completing his Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, he was instrumental in establishing successful businesses in USA, India, Europe and Central America. Currently he resides in Dallas, TX and leads a software services company and is an advisor for companies in Agriculture, Ecommerce and Real Estate.

I'm the President of the company

Dan Riordon

Dan has 30+ years of operational leadership experience in multiple entrepreneurial ventures. Dan is an author, podcaster and consultant to several start-up ventures. His passion is helping people produce better outcomes in their lives, relationships and businesses. Dan holds a B.S. in Electronic Engineering from California Polytechnic, SLO and an MBA.

I'm the contributor to Audio and more!!!

Judy Ashby

Many of the audio in Relaxx App is her voice. Judy is Program Supervisor - School Library Services at Nassau BOCES. She has a Masters in Library & information science and an advanced certificate in Educational Leadership. She completed advanced apprenticeship in Toltec shaman and is a certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator, and is trained in Bengston Healing Method.

I'm the Chief Editor of contents!!!

Sara Bielinski

Sara Bielinski is owner of independent book publishing firm, Redwood Publishing, and lives in Southern California. She is a dedicated yogi and dachshund enthusiast, and is experiencing the deeper states of meditation and thought management thanks to Relaxx and Dr. Krishna Bhatta!

I'm the Relaxx Creative Director

Anary Bellamy

A'nary Bellamy is the owner of Unique Connections a marketing agency that helps businesses be creative in delivering their products and services. She lives in North Carolina and is dedicated to making an IMPACT ion businesses and the lives of others. She is learning how to have real-life balance by implementing the guided practices of Dr. Krishna Bhatta!